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These 25 Facts About Life May Be Harsh To Hear, But They’ll Make You A Much Better Person



Life can be rough sometimes. That’s why you have your friends and family to pick you up whenever you’re in a slump. But don’t you find yourself falling back there and having to repeat the same thing?

Well, sometimes it’s not the sugar-coated words that help you, but the brutal hard facts of life served on a plate in front of you. It can be difficult to hear them. Nonetheless, they are essential truths of life that you must accept. You never know, this might be the thing you needed to escape the never-ending cycle.

1.Nobody Really Cares

We all carry our difficulties and burdens on our shoulders. No matter how helpful your friends are, your problems are yours alone, and at the end of the day, you’re the one who must face them.

 2.Time Is More Valuable Than Money

We have but one life. On an average, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. According to The Guardian, if you live for 75 years, you sleep for around 25 years. As sleep is necessary, make sure you use the waking hours to do productive things. Do not waste your time idling while you could be working towards your goal.

  3.Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Dreaming is an essential part of living. To have a dream and to work hard for it gives you purpose. Without an vision or a goal, we are no better than animals.

 4.You Can’t Make Everyone Like You

We often find ourselves trying to change a thing or another to be in someone’s good books. You know what? Who cares if someone else likes you or dislikes you? As long as you love and embrace yourself, do their opinions really matter?

 5.Invest In Yourself

You could be the most beautiful person in the world, but if you have a shitty personality, you can be sure nobody is going to like you.

The importance of physical beauty has been exaggerated and overplayed. People come in different sizes and shapes with various facial features. The idea of a perfect face and body was created by the standards of society. The definition of beauty differs everywhere, what is important is to be confident in who you are. Take time and money and use them to be a better you, instead of wasting them over useless things.

 6.Embrace Your Emotions

Humans have the capability to feel sorrow, happiness, fear, and a large variety of other feelings. People prefer to hide them rather than be expressive. What good does that do? Be free, and express your emotions. We are built with the mechanics to feel, don’t be afraid to do that.

 7.Happiness Cannot Be Bought

Don’t go looking for happiness in places where they’re sold. Happiness is not a product manufactured by corporations. It should come from within. Happiness is a state of mind.

“Happiness is a deep sense of flourishing, not a mere pleasurable feeling or fleeting emotion but an optimal state of being.”- Matthieu Ricard

 8.Death Is Inevitable

A hard yet unavoidable truth of life is death. Accept it and don’t let it get in the way of living. It doesn’t do good to dwell on things you have no power over. There isn’t much to death really; it’s living that’s hard.

 9.You Will Die Alone

Your friends, family, wealth, knowledge, properties are all colorful shadows that follow you to your deathbed to bid you goodbye. They will not accompany you, that is a journey you take alone.

 10.Be Yourself

It’s easy to lose your way in the stream of powerful force pushing you here and there. Influence can confuse your identity. When you feel like you’re losing yourself, remember your passion, dreams, and focus on the core of your being.

 11.Value Comes From Time, Not Currency

People are so consumed with themselves and their work that they rarely spare time to do something for someone else. Time is the most valuable thing; you never know when it ends for somebody. Make sure to give time to your loved ones.

12.Embrace Gratitude

No matter how rough a time you may be having, be conscious of how worse it could be. There are thousands of people deprived of basic human necessities and the fact that you have internet access to read this is a blessing itself.

 13.Start Working

It’s easy to dream, we all dream, it’s the doing that gets the better of us. Don’t be a thinker, take action. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to achieve your dream, make the moment and go for it!

 14.Failure is Unavoidable

Winning and losing is a part of life. It’s statistically impossible to keep winning without failure. The best thing is to learn from it and get better.

 15.Stop Reacting Negatively

Some see it half-full, whereas some see it half-empty. There is no correct way to see it. Whether it is good or bad, your reacting towards it will affect your mood and state of mind. Don’t let things you can’t control be the reason for your displeasure. Have a positive outlook.

16.Don’t Have Expectations

Most common mistakes people tend to make is to expect people to reciprocate their actions or thoughts. A roommate might be caring and cook meals for two people and then be angry when the other doesn’t do the same for them. The best thing is to do something if you want to, but never expect the other to do it back for you. It might not seem fair, but that’s how you learn to live in harmony.

 17.Be Responsible

Eat healthy, exercise, read good books, take a vacation, do the things you’ve been procrastinating. Every day is a blessing and should be used wisely. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Be the best version of yourself; it’s the only one you have.

 18.Share Knowledge And Experience

Everything you own will be left behind when you die. Make sure to share what you have when you’re still living. The sharing of knowledge and skill lives on beyond the decay of skin and bones.

 19.Try Everything

You might keep failing but never give up. The reason you fall is so you can dust yourself, and get back up, and try it again. Do the things you’ve always wanted to, don’t let your fears hold you back from living. Fear the idea of not living.

 20.Nothing Except Perfection Is Impossible

You keep talking yourself out of things because you think they can’t be done. Truth is anything is possible. It’s the state of your mind that creates an illusion of what can and cannot be done.

 21.Don’t Waste Your Talent

There are thousands of talented people, but the ones who use it and improve on it are the ones who succeed. Having talent is a gift that leads you to find joy and purpose in your life. Listen to the voice that whispers to you.

 22.Accept Your Flaws

The first step of working on your flaws is to accept them. Humans are not perfect; it’s in our nature to make mistakes. On the bright side, you get to learn from each mistake you make. Be confident in your flaws.

23. Don’t Stress Over Things You Can’t Control

Does worrying about a problem solve it? If you can find a solution to your problem, that’s good, if not, why stress over it? Why worry when you can be happy?  Say “Hakunamatata” and leave your worries behind.

24. Find Inspiration

Don’t say there is no inspiration as an excuse to being idle. Inspiration is all around you; it surrounds you. If you take the trouble of looking for it, you’ll find it in the simplest of things, even in movies. You’re just choosing to ignore it.
If you’re looking for inspiration, this list of inspirational quotes from movies might help.

 25.Live Today

Don’t be stuck in the past, or be consumed by the prospects of future. The only time guaranteed is the now. So, live in the now.

An honest and blunt take on the truths of life. Accepting these unavoidable facts can help you live a fuller life and achieve the most out of it. The best you can do is to use the things you learned and implement it in your daily life. See how it changes you for the better.

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