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33 Simple Things To Start Doing For Yourself



To be human is to be in constant change. Because, for better or for worse, we are constantly changing.

Change is unavoidable and it will constantly make us reinvent ourselves. Sometimes it is circumstances beyond our control that forces us to change. Other times, it is we who actively try and change for our own reasons.

But this does not mean that change is inherently bad. In fact, taking an active part in constantly reflecting on and changing ourselves can be quite beneficial in the long term. Positive change not only improves you but also nourishes your spirit – leading to a happier and more successful life. And the best thing is that not all change has to be big or dramatic. Small changes can also alter your life for the better in the long run.

Here are a few changes that you can make for a better and more fulfilling life.

33 Changes that you can make to yourself for a positive and successful life

1. Have a clear vision of your life.

Have a Clear Vision of Your Life.

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It is important to have a clear picture of all the things you want in and from life. Realizing what you want from life is the first step to achieving them.

2. Face your problems.

Your problems will not disappear unless you act. Ignoring them will only cause them to pile up on you. Tackle your problems to the best of your abilities as soon as they appear. Ask for help from people who have experience or people you trust if you find yourself needing assistance. It might take time to solve some of the more complex issues that you have but you will be constantly working in the right direction.

3. Make your happiness a priority.

There is really no reason for you to put your happiness first. You matter. And when you continue to sacrifice your happiness for others, you gradually belittle yourself and make your own needs inconsequential. Remember that not everybody deserves your personal sacrifices. Besides, it is possible for you to put your happiness first and still care for the people around you. In fact, you will be better at it if your own needs are met.

4. Spend time in nature.

Being in nature is not only healthy for you, it also calms your nerves and helps you be in touch with yourself. Try to find time to really embrace the natural order of things that can be found in nature.

5. Learn a new skill.

Learn a new skill.

Find something that you want to learn and go for it. Try a new language or learn to play a musical instrument. Not only does it give you a sense of achievement and confidence, it also expands your social circle and helps you meet interesting people.

6. Stand up to your fears.

You cannot escape fear. But that does not mean it is all powerful. Try to understand your fears instead and face them when you can. You will come to realize that often there is really nothing to fear but fear itself.

7. Push yourself to your limits.

Only putting half an effort into achieving what you want will most often result in failure. Things that are worth it do not come to you if you don’t give it your all. Go the extra mile to get what you want. Remember that your mind often gives up faster than it needs to.

8. Know when to rest.

Our bodies and minds are like complex machines. If you do not allow them intervals of rest from time to time, they break down. Be aware of your own well-being and ensure that you do not burn out. There is a difference between giving it your best and going to self-destructive extremes.

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9. Have a little patience.

Have a little patience.


Not all things need to be on express. Embrace the virtues of being patient. Not only do patient people enjoy better mental health, patience is also seen as an admirable quality in human beings and leads to happier living.

10. Be more selective with your relationships.

Often the people we surround ourselves with are not the right people for us. They can be manipulative and unappreciative of your efforts. And by enabling them, you only push yourself further into a vicious cycle of negativity. Cut out these toxic people from your life and learn to be more selective of the people you let into your life. You and your happiness are important and you deserve people who can respect that.

11. Find time for your loved ones.

We as human beings are social animals. Isolation is not our natural state. Thus, alienating yourself from your friends and loved ones is one of the most harmful things you can do to them as well as yourself. Try to find time for them – ask them out for lunch or reserve five minutes every day to chat with them on the phone or on the internet. Otherwise, you will regret not having given people you love enough time when they are gone.

12. Create your own happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. When you tie your happiness to other people or external objects, you allow them to control your life. Learn to internalize your happiness and tie them to things like personal achievement or goals.

13. Concentrate on what you can control.

Concentrate on what you can control.

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Worrying about things beyond our control does nothing except provide fuel for our anxieties. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by things you can’t control. Focus instead on things that are under your own control – which is primarily you.

14. Own up to your choices and your mistakes.

By holding yourself accountable for your own actions, you truly open yourself to change. You will find it easier to accept the results of the choices you have made and improve yourself accordingly. If you avoid owning up to your actions, you will end up closing your mind to positive changes that you can bring to your life. And that is never good.

15. Enjoy the beauty of everyday life.

Enjoy the beauty of everyday life.


The world is full of beauty – natural or man-made. Revel in it. Don’t walk past that beautiful sunset or ignore the melody of a distant storm. Inspiration can often come from the unexpected. And even if it doesn’t, knowing that you are surrounded by beauty is its own reward.

16. Listen to your heart.

Not everything can be solved with logic. Sometimes you should listen to your heart and follow your intuitions. After all, some of the most brilliant discoveries were carried on the wings of whim.

17. Say No.

Do you often say “yes” to things even when you don’t feel like doing them? If you are, then you must stop at once. Know that sometimes you just have to say “no”. If you always say “yes”, people will begin taking you for granted and saddle you with all the things they can’t be bothered with. And the worst part is that these people often take what you do for granted. Set your priorities straight. Remember that there is no reason why you should feel guilty for saying “no”.

18. Say Yes!

At the same time, you may often find yourself saying “no” to things far too frequently. Often it is at times when you are offered something new. It is understandable. The fear of the unknown is, after all, one of our most primal fears. But when you say “no” to a new experience, you shut yourself out from finding something you might enjoy or even love. Don’t let your fear control you and learn to say “yes” to things you have never tried before.

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19. Develop an optimistic outlook.

Develop an optimistic outlook.

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Look for the silver lining on every dark cloud that comes your way. Hard times cannot last forever. Instead, think of them as chances for you to grow and learn. Because once you learn to thrive under pressure, you will become unbreakable.

20. Learn to accept imperfections.

Nothing is ever perfect. And striving too hard for perfection will only leave you anxious and in self-doubt. Remember that it is okay to be imperfect. Because it is our little imperfections that actually make us perfect.

21. Get over things you can’t have.

When we focus too hard on things that are far beyond our reach, we create a hole in our hearts. And the longer we allow the unattainable to trouble us, the more we fill this hole with negativity. Accept that there are things that you cannot attain. There is nothing wrong with that. Instead, be grateful for what you have and focus on what you can realistically achieve.

22. Live in the present.

When you live in the past, you reject change. And when you focus on the future, you open yourself up to disappointment. So, choose to focus on the present! You cannot change the past and you cannot the predict the future. You can however affect the present and make meaningful impacts on your life!

23. Take chances.

Take chances.

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Fortune favors the bold. So, don’t be afraid of taking a few calculated risks from time to time. There is never a complete chance of success but it is better to try and fail than to live in regrets over a choice you could have made. Besides, even if you fail, you will learn something to help you reach closer to success the next time around.

24. Take the next step.

You’ve taken the first step towards reaching your goal. Good. Now take another one. And another. It might seem slow and at times you feel like you are making no progress at all but that just isn’t true. Don’t be heartened. Know that every move you make is bringing you closer to achieving your goals.

25. Learn to forgive.

Getting hurt is an unavoidable part of being human. But when we let that pain linger on, we lose ourselves to it. Learn to let go of the pain by forgiving that which has hurt you. Maybe it was someone else. Or maybe it was your own decisions that brought you grief. It doesn’t matter. Forgive and forget. Because when you forgive those who have wronged you, you free yourself from their control as well as let go of your own resentments.

26. Stop getting stuck in a routine.

Stop getting stuck in a routine.


Routines offer stability. It is why we often we get stuck in them. Deviating from routines is scary, after all. But ask yourself : “Do I really want to be stuck doing this same thing for the rest of my life?” Mix it up. Yes, routines are comfortable but they shut you out from amazing surprises that life has to offer. It doesn’t have to be a huge change either. Take a new route back home or order a new dish for lunch. Be adventurous even if it is in a very small scale. Variety is the spice of life!

27. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Take care that you don’t obsess over tiny details that do not actually matter in the big picture. Life’s too short to be worrying over how the cake you got was lime instead of vanilla or how the coffee shop around the corner doesn’t serve tea. Because when we let small things affect us too much, we in turn become petty and small-minded.

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28. Get drunk on life.

In the words of William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage.” Start living like you’re the main character. Live large. Squeeze every drop of fun out of life. Make every victory a dramatic affair. Going all out from time to time is what makes our time here on earth worth living.

29. Help the people around you.

Love and kindness are infectious. When you help somebody, you send out a little ripple of goodness into the world. Not only will you feel better, but you will also inspire the people you have helped to pay it forward. Your every act of kindness promotes change in the grand scheme of things. Be a force of positive change that this world desperately needs.

30. Control your rage.

Control your rage


Anger, if left unchecked, always leads to suffering. It causes you to hurt yourself as well as the people you love. Never hold on to it. Even the most peaceful human beings feel angry at times. But just because we feel angry does not mean we need to act on it. Take a deep breath and let it slide off you. Redirect the anger you feel into something positive like physical exercise instead. Remember: anger is like fire. It can help you a great deal but it can also burn you.

31. Stay connected to your roots.

No matter how much life changes you, you must always be in touch with your origins. Forgetting where you come from when you meet success will only make you complacent and brash. Remind yourself of your past to have a sense of measurement for your achievements as well as to keep you humble.

32. Embrace an attitude of gratitude.

Develop a sense of gratefulness for the things you have. Be thankful for every event that occurs in your life because they are all little steps you take forward. Victories as well as mistakes make you the wonderful human being you are.

33. Stick to your goals.

Stick to your goals.

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It is easy to get disheartened in our journey self-improvement. Mistakes we make along the way may fool us into believing that we have failed completely. Don’t sell your dreams short by believing that. Know that every step you have taken towards achieving your goals has made a difference and brought you so much closer to reaching your goals.

Bringing these changes into your life might seem daunting. Often, you might even feel yourself lacking the willpower to continue. Do not be disheartened.

Changing yourself for the better is a slow process and takes a lot of practice. You won’t ever immediately feel the effects of your efforts. It just doesn’t work that way. Change takes time. But with patience, you will feel these changes slowly bear fruit.

So, choose to take that step and make these changes in your life. You deserve a better life – and the only one that can give it to you is you. Good luck!

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