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9 Tell-Tale Signs That You Possess A Strong Personality



Being told that you have a ‘strong personality’ can be confusing.

After all, it’s a completely ambiguous observation. Like when someone notes that a person is ‘interesting’. Depending on who the comment is coming from, it can be anything between a praise or an insult.

So, what do people mean exactly when they say someone has a strong personality? Are they implying that someone is too overbearing, bossy, or difficult to get along with? Or are they inferring that someone is confident, independent, and not afraid of action?

The answer is it’s both.

A strong personality is the result of an amalgamation of traits. And although the traits are always the same, it is received very differently depending on the ones who perceive it. Some people are unnerved by those with a strong personality and fear them. While others find people with strong personalities to be very admirable. So, having a strong personality is neither a bad thing or a necessarily good thing either.

Every person in the world has a unique personality determined both by genetics and nurture. Even you might be in possession of a strong personality without realizing it!

Here are nine common traits of people with intense personalities that can help you determine whether you have a strong personality as well.

9 Signs that you have a Strong Personality

1. You are focused when it concerns your ambitions.

You are focused when it concerns your ambitions.

South Africa Adventures

One of your major strengths is your ability to focus on your goals. If you decide on something, it is almost impossible to shake you off your path. Giving up just isn’t a part of your vocabulary. You either go hard or go home.

It makes sense since people with a strong personality are generally an ambitious lot. To the point that, your drive and determination is often mistaken for stubbornness.

But you just can’t help it!

You push yourself to the extremes because you find it difficult to do nothing. Challenges stimulate you and you often find yourself chasing after goals that would terrify others. And when a goal seems impossible, it just fuels your desire to achieve it.

2. Fear does not affect you.

Fear does not affect you.

Alan Brodecki (artstation)

People with a strong personality often appear fearless. Other people think that you do not feel fear. And although you might not fully agree with them, you also realize at the same time that you do not react to your fears like other people do.

Your fears are what makes you courageous because you manage it differently from other people. You understand how fears work and do not let it cripple you. Instead, you have found ways to use it to motivate yourself. In fact, the adrenaline rush you get out of it is something you welcome.

3. You feel no need to cover up your weaknesses.

You feel no need to cover up your weaknesses.

Game of Thrones

Putting up a false front has never been your thing. Even when you are feeling vulnerable, you do not try to hide behind a mask.

You have confidence in yourself and never allow things like pride and ego get in your way. It doesn’t matter if you are upset or happy. Challenges and troubles stimulate you but they rarely affect the other areas of your life.

What others see is who you are truly; people with a strong personality are just that comfortable with themselves.

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4. You act.

You act.

Wonder Woman

When you meet an obstacle, you tackle it to the ground and make it submit.

People with a strong personality have a very hands-on approach to dealing with trouble. Rather than trying to run away, you choose to embrace and overcome all your hurdles. You are an individual of action and feel no hesitations when it comes to confrontations.

In fact, you find it hard to understand why most people are afraid of confronting issues that are clearly bothering them. So much, that sometimes you confront them on their behalf – which in turn, can make you appear bossy to others.

But there’s no denying the fact that nothing can stop you from getting the job done.

5. You have an ‘effect’ on other people.

You have an 'effect' on people.


People rarely forget you.

Even if they have only met you once, there seems to be something about you that makes you unforgettable to them. People instinctively gravitate towards you and want to impress you. They pay attention when you speak and tend to laugh at all your jokes – even when you know that the joke wasn’t that funny.

And that is completely normal for people with a strong personality. There is something about your confidence and drive that creates an aura of mystery around you. You are like a riddle other people want to solve. And your cool attitude tends to generate respect to the point that you can often make people feel insecure by just being you.

6. You are very selective of your company.

You are very selective of your company.

Wizards of the Coast

You rarely require the approval of others. Fiercely independent and confident in yourself, you do not need other people to make you feel better. It is why you only allow people you are genuinely interested into your inner circle.

People with a strong personality are very selective of the company they keep. Because you know who you are and do not need the validation of others to define you. Other people often need you, but the reverse isn’t true. You are confident enough to figure things out by yourself. So, the only reason you have people close to you is because they have earned your trust and respect.

In other words, people you call ‘friends’ often feel lucky because they know you genuinely love them.

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7. You know how to party.

You know how to party.

Psy – Gangman Style

Although people with a powerful personality often appear severe, it does not mean that you do not know how to have an awesome time.

The thing that most people do not understand about you is that your idea of fun is completely your own. Conformity plays absolutely zero part in your idea of fun. In fact, even if other people try to dampen your mood, it doesn’t affect you.

You know what you enjoy and know how to enjoy it – and that’s more than enough for you.

8. Discipline is as natural as breathing for you.

Discipline is as natural as breathing for you.

Wikimedia Commons

You possess an uncanny amount of fortitude. Even when others would lose hope and give up, you tend to keep pushing forward.

People with a powerful personality are just geared towards discipline. Whether it is goal, finances, or just every day issues, you approach everything with prudence and calmness. Unflinching and almost impossible to unnerve, you pull through any trouble that heads your way with sheer will.

It is in your nature to hold on to your convictions. And, more often than not, you always rise to the top because of your disciplined approach to life.

9. You don’t give a damn.

You don't give a damn.


If, at any point in this article, you thought: “Yeah? So what?”. Then, you might just have a strong personality.

Perhaps the most notable trait of a person with a strong personality is that they don’t care much about the opinion of others. You just don’t feel the need to justify your actions and choices to anyone.

You are you and that’s all that matters to you. The rest of the world can take it or leave it – and you couldn’t care less.

If most of these traits seemed familiar to you, then it is very likely that you come across as someone with a very strong personality to other people. And if that really doesn’t bother you, then you definitely are a ‘strong’ person.

And that’s perfectly fine – as long as you are not harming anyone. But you never really needed any validation, did you?

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