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30 Things You Must Stop Doing To Yourself



We often find ourselves doing things that aren’t the best for us, but we do them anyways. If you want to have a bright future worth looking forward to, check out this list to see how you can help yourself.

Here’s a list of 30 Things You Should Stop Doing!

1. Don’t waste your time indulging it on people who don’t deserve it

If you have unsupportive people who are only looking out for themselves, you should cut them off. Suddenly unfriending a person you’ve known for a long time can be difficult, but remember it is for the better. If you can stand up for yourself, you will find much better friends who support you with no ulterior motives. The next time a toxic person tries to enter your life, make sure they know you have no time for their drama.

2. Don’t hide from your problems

Trying to run from your problems is like burying your head in the sand and thinking they disappear. The best thing to do is to face them head-on. It’s always easier said than done, but this is life. It’s harsh and keeps throwing obstacles at you. Walking up to your difficulties can be daunting, but each challenge that you face can help you become the best version of yourself. Remember, your best qualities remain locked inside, if you never break out, they will never unlock.

3. Don’t lie to yourself

The worst lie of all, is the one you keep telling yourself. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you cannot do it. You are the only one who can help yourself, if you are not honest with yourself, nobody else can support you.

4. Don’t put the needs of others before your own

You come first! How can you possibly help someone out of the quicksand when you are stuck in it too? Pick yourself up first and then help those around you. Once you build yourself up, you can help more people. Don’t lose yourself in the process of helping others. Believe in your dreams, and go for them. Once you achieve them, you can support all the people you want.

5. Don’t try to be someone you’re not

With the current culture of following the latest trend of copying celebrities, it can be hard to find your identity. Everyone wants to look like a specific person or act like them. Truth is, the only way to find yourself is by being yourself. You don’t need to dress a particular way or have a spectacular lifestyle to be accepted by people. When you stop trying to be someone else, you will find peace of mind and contentment. Be confident in who you are.

6. Don’t carry your past with you

The only way to live life is by moving on and living life by the moment. If you cannot let go of your past, it will haunt your present and eat away your future. Pick up a new hobby if you can’t seem to move on. Immersing yourself in doing something you love can change you for the better.

7. Don’t be scared to make mistakes

Life is a journey of learning. If the fear of doing something wrong keeps you from trying it, your journey will end up being dull. Isn’t it more practical to try something a fail rather than have regrets? Make sure to live your life in a way that leaves no space for doubts to enter. Most successful people started out making miserable mistakes that created once in lifetime opportunities for them.

8. Don’t scold yourself for old mistakes

We all make mistakes. No one can avoid them. We are but only human. The things we did wrong do not define us in any way. Mistakes are like steps that lead you to your greatness that lies waiting at the top. If you do not make them, you may never reach the top.

9. Don’t try to buy happiness

Happiness comes from within, it’s a state of mind. The temporary pleasure you get from things that can be bought by money is a fleeting delight that quickly disappears. You can be truly happy when you are in a point in your life and mind where you have accepted yourself. The only thing you can do now is improve on it, not try to change it. Aspire to find inner happiness; be an inspiration for others.

10. Don’t fully look to others for happiness

If you aren’t happy within, you won’t find it elsewhere. Happiness is not something you can go hunting for, you must dig deeper into what makes you unhappy and try to work on them. The first thing you can do is recognize the things that affect your temper. If you can work on not letting outer things bother you, you can always be happy.

11. Don’t be idle

One of the worst thing to do, unless you’re in a retreat, is to be idle. The longer you sit around doing nothing, the lazier you become. Your brain becomes dull if you don’t use it often. Indulge in something you love doing. Whether it’s sports, photography, dancing, writing, make sure you keep doing it.

12. Don’t think you’re not ready

You are Ready! We keep telling ourselves we aren’t but believe in yourself. Everything that has ever happened in your life has led up to this moment. Step Out. Go for it. You are as ready as you will ever be.

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13. Don’t get involved in relationships for wrong reasons

Relationships shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having a relationship with the wrong person can suck all the strength from you. Make sure you don’t make yourself end up in a toxic relationship. If you find yourself in one, breakaway right now. Don’t wait till you hit rock bottom, stop making excuses and do what is best for you.

14. Don’t reject new relationships just because the old ones didn’t work

Bad relationships shouldn’t result in you locking yourself in. Mistakes are made to be learned from. When the right person comes along your way, don’t push them away. Learn to embrace your mistakes as lessons and use them to filter out the bad ones from entering your life.

15. Don’t compete against everyone else

The only thing standing in the way of success is yourself. The mentality you carry on your way determines how fast you reach your goal. As you spend your precious limited time in examining other people’s success and failure, you will end up watching them achieve their success from the sidelines.

16. Don’t be jealous of others

Jealousy is an evil that invades and then lives in your mind. Remove it! There should be no place for jealousy. It is natural for it to arise but overwhelm it with by being happy for the one causing it. When you can feel glad for someone instead of being jealous, your life will be much simpler.

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17. Don’t complain and feel sorry for yourself

Life is not easy for everyone. We all have our own shares of problems and difficulties that comes our way. Complaining about them will get you nowhere. Accept them, try to find a solution and then deal with them. The only way you can live a better life is by working on yourself. The complications you face today will be the reason for your success tomorrow.

18. Don’t hold grudges

When you hold a grudge against someone, it poisons your heart and spreads. Learning to forgive someone doesn’t mean you are weak, instead it shows you are strong enough to let go of it. Do not let someone else’s actions cause you distress.

19. Don’t let others bring you down to their level

It’s not necessary to lower your standards to meet theirs. If you find yourself in an argument with someone, you don’t have to let their actions determine yours.

20. Don’t waste time explaining yourself to others

Your explanations are dismissed in the minds of those who don’t believe you. The ones who do will not question you anyway.

21. Don’t do the same things over and over with no break

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If your job gives you no time for breaks, you should take them even more. Doing the same thing over and over could mean it’s time to reevaluate your choices. Make sure the work you’re doing is the one you wanted to do in the first place.

22. Don’t overlook the beauty of little things

Life is made up of small things. When you look back on life, it’s the little moments that you remember. Enjoy them, rejoice in them, appreciate them, and don’t spoil them.

23. Don’t aim for constant perfection

What a perfectionist sees as perfect is only seen in their heads. The world only sees what they want to see. Don’t waste time in trying to correct the smallest of things, let life take its course.

24. Don’t take the easy way out

The visibly easier path is the one most taken. No great person ever succeeded in life by taking the comfortable route. Challenge yourself, make your own trail if you must. Do anything but limit yourself to all the possibilities by following others.

25. Don’t act like it’s okay when it’s not

It’s okay to break down and cry sometimes. It’s how we cope with life. Sometimes we need to have a timeout from the stress of life. The more you keep it in, the bigger the burst. Letting yourself loose occasionally will ensure you can keep it together when the time arises to prove yourself.

26. Don’t put the blame on others

When you blame another person for the difficulties in your life, you hand them the power to have influence over you. Your future depends on how you handle your present. Putting the blame on anyone else is running from your responsibilities.

27. Don’t live up to other’s expectations

It’s impossible to live up to the expectations of everyone around you. The only thing that can be done is to be yourself to everyone, so they can see who you are and learn to accept it. That way not you, but they must adjust to you. If you can be the best version of yourself, the people around you will be happy with that.

28. Don’t worry too much

Worrying never solves anything. No matter how much you worry about something, it’s not going to help you. What it does do is keep you from having a good day today. The troubles of tomorrow will be solved at the time, do not let it spoil your present.

29. Don’t focus on what could go wrong

By focusing on the negatives, the chances are the outcome will be negative. By focusing on the positives, beautiful things can happen. No successful person ever achieved their goal by worrying about everything that was wrong.

30. Don’t be ungrateful

The fact that you are here and alive today is enough to be grateful for. There are so many people who are struggling to survive on a day to day basis. Appreciate all that you have instead of all those that you don’t.

This list will only be helpful if you remember to use them. Although we can’t help but do some of them, remind yourself that doing these things only keep you from being the amazing person you are. Don’t forget to read them through when you find yourself having a difficult time. Believe better things are waiting for you, and watch as you make it come true.

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