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Why You Have The Fear of Rejection and 8 Helpful Ways to Overcome It




What are we afraid of? Why do we have the fear of rejection?

The fear of rejection stems deep within us. It is an instinctual emotion that pervades all humans. Some have mastered its control over themselves while others try. The need to belong is the cause of our fear.

We have a natural tendency to want to fit in. The possibility of being an outcast or rejected is what we dread. Rejection is followed by hurt and emotional pain, and nobody likes feeling unwanted. Fear of being dismissed should be contained and controlled, dwelling on such thoughts for too long can cause depression and anxiety.

You shouldn’t let your reassurance lie in someone’s else’s opinion of you; it should come from within you. When you start looking too much into a person’s reaction or attitude towards you, your anxiety will make up negative things to fuel your fear. You must accept the fact that not everybody you meet is going to like you. You cannot control their thoughts and feelings about you; what you can do is be yourself and be content with however people react to you.

There is, in true essence, nothing to fear but fear itself. Here are a few useful ways you could overcome your fear of rejection and have assurance with yourself.

8 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Rejection!

1. Challenge Your Fears

Fear is a self-fulfilling prediction. When you carry fear, it becomes the reason your fears come to life.

You must learn to let go of such thoughts from your mind. Your false ideas about a situation could make it come true. When you have negative thoughts, it shows on your face and body language, this, in turn, makes most of your fears come true.

The best way to challenge your fears is by not thinking about them. Erase every trace of fear from your head. Be bold; be yourself.

2. Put Yourself First

Rather than focusing on how people will take to you, place that energy in building yourself up.

The time and effort you waste in wondering what people think of you can and should be used instead on yourself. Try to bring positive changes. Stop overthinking about how others react to you, do your best and be content with however they respond.

You must reverse the direction of fear and use it to motivate you to live an inspiring life.

3. Trace Back The Cause Of You Fear

When you can’t seem to let go of your fear of rejection, try to investigate where it comes from. People who have a constant fear of being denied something usually have had a disturbing experience.

When you find the cause for your fear, you can then reassure yourself, tell yourself that incident does not define who you are. Don’t try to make it go away, face it. Only when you face it, can you move forward.

Everyone has been rejected at some point in their lives. How you handle it is what matters.

4. Think Positively and Constructively

Your thought process has a big impact on how things work out for you. Too much negativity in your brain can cause stress and exertion.

Ask yourself why you have negative thoughts that cause fear. The negativity seeps into your state of mind. Fill your head with positive thoughts. When you think positively, it can improve your energy and surroundings. Having good and progressive ideas will leave no space for fear to enter your mindstream.

If you have a difficult time thinking positively, visualize it. See yourself being the person you aspire to be. Be confident and strong. Fill your head with empowering thoughts and keep working on yourself.

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5. Don’t Believe Everything You Think

People tend to think more than what’s good for them. Overthinking leads to assuming the worst.

Most of your fear comes from jumping to baseless conclusions. There is no guarantee to your assumptions. It might sound weird to be told not to trust your thoughts, but you must decide when to and not to for yourself. Being paranoid will only lead you to what you fear, being rejected.

Question yourself whenever you start making negative assumptions. Talk your fears out with people so you can hear how paranoid you sound. You may find it difficult to share your concerns with someone, but once you do it, it can be relieving.

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6. Be Ignorant

You don’t have to observe everything that people are doing or saying. Just focus your attention on things that matter to you.

When one has already been rejected before, the fear of another rejection looms overhead. This constant dread keeps you from enjoying and experimenting. Remind yourself that you don’t need to care about what other people think of you. People can accept you for who you are or not; there are only two alternatives, and you should learn to be fine with either.

Don’t pay attention to tiny details that make you think of the worse possibilities. There are thousands of explanations to everything, keep an open and optimistic mind.

7. Prepare yourself

Rejection does not mean you suddenly become unwanted and disposable. Don’t let one rejection get to you.

When you put ‘acceptance’ on a pedestal and worship it, the fear of rejection becomes that much more powerful. You must try to understand that rejection is not the end. Whether it’s between lovers, friends, or family, you must understand that relationships will come and go. You cannot force yourself into a relationship.

Before you face a prospect of rejection, mentally prepare yourself for any outcome. If everything goes smoothly, you will have happy results, but in case things go awry and your fear comes to reality, tell yourself that it is not the end of the world. There are so many other people who you could click with. Don’t rely your happiness on one person.

8. Question Rejection

What exactly is rejection to you? Is it being turned down in a proposal, or being ignored by your co-workers? The word has many different variations of meaning for different people. Try to understand what it means to you; when you do this, it becomes easier to control your fear of it.

Rejection does not mean you are not worthy. So many successful people have been rejected during their career. The refusal only made them stronger and more determined to push their works through. You too can take it as a lesson and use it to motivate you.

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