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Setting Personal Goals in Life: 7 Steps to Help You Find Long-Term Success




Setting life goals is an important way to make sure your future self is going to live the life you dream of. Goals are things you want to achieve for your personal satisfaction and happiness. You’ve probably heard many times about the concept of working hard to achieve your goals. But have you set any solid goals for yourself?

The difference between dreaming and having goals is that when you have a dream, it will remain a daydream unless you make goals to achieve it.

What should you base your goals on?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what do you want from life? Some people want to live a quiet life with a small and happy family, others want to find glamour and fame from their lives. The way you set your goals should be planned around how you want to live in the future.

When you have a clear vision of your goals, it can motivate you to work hard and tirelessly towards achieving it. People think they have goals but rarely do they take the time to set precise goals. When you set goals, it changes your life.

7 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Goals in Life!

1. Dream

Goals are born from your dreams. The purpose of setting life goals is to help you live the life you dream of.

What is one dream you’ve always had for yourself? Sort out your priorities and envision your future. Select a dream that has a deep meaning to you, something that connects with you. When you can see a clear vision for yourself, setting life goals becomes easier and meaningful.

Don’t hold back. Explore all the crazy, fantastical dreams you’ve had. The higher you aim, the better the results. Restraining your goals will only make you easily discouraged. When setting your goals, keep in mind what makes you happy and structure your goals around it. No matter what you dream of, if you’re not happy after achieving your goals, it will be a waste of time.

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2. Set Goals

Once you’ve figured out what dream you want to achieve, analyze it. If you see yourself working as a pilot, you need to see what goals you should set for yourself.

Do some background research on your dream so that you know exactly what route would be best for you. Ask yourself how you can achieve your vision and set the goals accordingly. Don’t try to limit yourself, give yourself plenty of space to be flexible with your goals.

Keep backup options as well, in case there are unexpected difficulties along the way. Being head-strong and stubborn about achieving your goals the way you want to, can result in disappointment. It’s also good to ask for advice from seniors who have walked the path you want to.

3. List

Write down your goals and stick them where they are easily visible, doing so is very motivating and helps remind you of your commitment.

After deciding your life goals, make a list of things you want to accomplish. Prioritize the important ones and list them on top. Seeing the goals that you set every morning can encourage you to follow your dreams.

Make your list as visually compelling as you can. Highlighting your main goal can attract your attention and will be clear in your memory throughout the day.

4. Set Deadlines

For your top goals, set a deadline for when you can achieve it. Setting a deadline is very important as it motivates you to work hard until you achieve your selected goal.

Reading this and going back to watching your T.V series is not going to work. Give yourself fifteen minutes to come up with a list of goals and deadlines to complete them.

If you did do that, you are now one of the fewer population who have written down their goals and plans. You have now entered a new chapter in your life. Believe in yourself and commit to your targets. Make it your sole priority to get the job done by the deadline.

5. Plan

So far, you’ve been mentally preparing yourself to break through your usual routine and be ready for a change. The mental preparation part is almost done now.

Be ready to challenge yourself. You are here in the first place because you’ve enjoyed the comfort of your cozy life up to this point. You may defend yourself and say you’ve had a hard time, but that’s not what we’re discussing here. You’ve probably envisioned yourself living your dream but never took any steps towards making it come true.

This next step will make you actively participate in making your near future full of exciting changes. Write down your plans for your long-term goals in life. In your plan, list the things you should do to be able to achieve your goals.

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6. Act

What good will it do if you make a list and plan but don’t follow it? It is now time to bring yourself into action.

It can seem daunting, the prospect of venturing into the unknown where your plans might or might not work. Therefore, keep backup plans. Don’t let your fears keep you from bringing your plan into action. All you have to do is follow your plans with energy and persistence. The journey to achieving your goals will have unexpected twists and turns full of challenging obstacle, you must never give up. As long as you keep moving, you will reach your destination.

Dive into the new territory that you’ve always longed to but found excuses not to. Live each day productively; make your efforts count in the long run.

7. Persist

Many people fail in achieving their goals because they give up rather easily.

How can you hope to find success when you aren’t willing to sweat for it? Those who look for the easy and short route will never understand their journey’s worth.

You can be sure that the road isn’t going to be all sunny and pleasant. There will come moments when you question why you’re doing this. You must remember your dream and brave the storms to make your vision come to life.

Don’t Limit Yourself! When you start creating mental barriers for yourself, you start believing that you aren’t capable of achieving everything you want. Then you slowly cut down and have realistic seeming dreams that fit your capabilities.

Doubt is the poison that whispers negative thoughts in your ears. Always have confidence in yourself and your dreams. Nothing is impossible, all you need is a little faith. When you believe 100% in yourself, you can work wonders.

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