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10 Ways On How To Start A Conversation With Anyone




For some of us, starting a conversation is not as easy as it seems. How to approach someone? What if the other person doesn’t hear you or ignores you? A thousand questions pop up in our heads that we end up losing time and confidence.

The first thing you should do if you start feeling nervous is to take deep breaths. Once you relax, ask yourself, what’s the big deal if the person doesn’t hear you; you can ask again in a louder voice. The chances of you getting ignored are very less and don’t usually happen. No one wants to seem rude in front of other people.

Here’s a list of handy guides to keep in mind when starting a conversation.

10 Ways You Can Easily Start A Conversation!

1. Have Confidence

The best thing you can have is confidence. No matter where or with whom you want to start a conversation, always carry your head high. A person who looks confident attracts attention. People will naturally want to engage in a conversation with you. If you’re not a bold person, you can act the part. Confidence is something that comes from within, but people can only see the outside. So, stand straight and use your voice for a “Hello” or “Hi.” People always respond to a greeting.

There is a fine line between having confidence and being cocky so be careful not to appear overconfident. Don’t shy away from people; when an opportunity for a conversation comes your way, be yourself.

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2. Give a Compliment followed by a Question

When you’ve greeted someone and don’t know how to start a conversation, give them a compliment. Find something to compliment on; then tie it with a question.
For example; Oh, I love your shades. Where did you get them?
Doing this not only leaves a good impression, but they must give you a reply as well. This way, you can lengthen the conversation by asking more questions related to their answer.

When you compliment someone, it leaves a lasting impression on the person. You become the person who had that sweet things to say. But be careful not to give fake compliments. Don’t force one if you can’t think of anything.

3. Introduce Yourself

If you’re starting a conversation with someone new, always introduce yourself. Without a proper introduction, you can’t say you know the person. In case you meet two people who don’t know each other, remember to introduce them. Proper introductions make the atmosphere more comfortable.

Most people have a difficult time talking to new people. When you’re faced with the task of introducing two people, think of how you can do this tactfully. Pick impressive and positive points about the person you are introducing. This will make them feel confident and at ease. The rest of the conversation will flow once the introductions are done.

4. Make Small Talk

We often face situations where we are left alone with someone, and then an awkward silence follows. You’re then trying to think of things you could say to fill the silence. In such situations, it’s best to start with small talk. You could mention how the weather is that day, or how much traffic there was on the way. When you talk about mundane everyday things, there is less pressure about what to say and the conversation will flow smoothly.

Small talk doesn’t have to be boring; you can make it as exciting as you want. Here are some small talk questions you could ask to keep it interesting.
If you could fly anywhere for free, where would you go?
What did you think you were going to be growing up?

5. Ask Open-Ended Questions

When you meet someone intriguing and want to keep the conversation going, ask questions that require thought-out answers. Questions that lead to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response means the other person is going to get bored and move on to a different conversation. You can pick a topic of conversation starter that excites you and then construct an open-ended question around that.

If your goal is to have in-depth conversations with people of intellect, don’t shy away from asking bold questions. You won’t get many chances to talk with such people so grab the opportunity you have and engage in a meaningful discussion.

List of open-ended questions.

6. Think of Fun Questions to Ask

If a strange question pops up in your head, go ahead and ask it. Don’t worry about the reaction. People are generally up to having fun, and weird conversations. You might even find someone just as peculiar as you. Here are some fun questions you could ask.
If you were to get three wishes, what would you wish for?
If you could choose to become anyone in your life, like a doctor, or a scientist; who would you pick?
Would you consider being frozen for a hundred years to wake up to a different world?

7. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Your body language is just as important as what you are saying. People can read more into your movements and posture than your words. When you are having a conversation, be as attentive as you can; the way you lean your body, nod your head, move your eyes are all being unconsciously noticed by the speaker. If you yawn or turn your head when they are speaking; they will know you are not paying attention.

Body language is non-verbal communication. Even when you aren’t speaking, you are still a part of the conversation. You are communicating via expressions and movements. So, when you start a conversation, be aware of how you are physically reacting to the talk.

8. Follow Up On The Previous Conversation

If you’re starting a conversation with someone at work or an acquaintance, you could always talk about a previous conversation that you’ve had. Follow up questions help you dive deeper into a topic, rather than just skimming the surface with small talk. When you ask a question related to the answer, it creates a link that gets longer and more informative.

When you follow up on a previous conversation, it also shows that you were attentive and still remember the talk you had. You can start a discussion with open-ended questions and then ask more questions about their reply. This way you can learn more about the person and have a steady conversation.

9. Be Natural

Always be yourself. When starting a conversation, don’t force yourself to sound impressive or intelligent. You could come off as an overconfident and fake person. Why take the risk of creating a false and wrong impression when you could be yourself?

If a person doesn’t like you; then that’s their loss. If someone reacts positively to you, that means you are compatible and that they appreciate you for who you are. You don’t have to carry the guilt and pressure of trying to be someone you are not. Learn to embrace yourself and not care about what people think.

10. Practice

The best way to ease yourself into a conversation is by practice. You can practice this with your friends or family until you’re confident. Once you think you are comfortable, try initiating a conversation with a colleague or someone new. There is nothing better than practice. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to start conversations with anyone and at any time.

There is nothing you cannot achieve with practice and determination. Have a strong will to do better and you will! Trust yourself and let things flow naturally. There is no use stressing about things you cannot control.

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