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21 Personal Goals Examples That Will Bring Positive Changes To Your Lifestyle




Personal goals are set for your growth as a person. Someone looking to be the best version of themselves would set personal goals.

There are different goals you can set depending on what kind of person you want to become. Generally, people who are looking to set personal goals want to be better and live the life they dream of.

Some want to look a certain way, so they start eating healthy and exercising, whereas others want to live a calm and peaceful life, so they set goals to learn yoga or meditation.

Your personal goals can vary depending on your wishes; here are some examples of personal goals people set to improve their lifestyle.

21 Best Personal Goals Examples You Should Set For Yourself!

1. Compassion

What can a human being with no compassion amount to? Not very much. A person, who does not feel sympathetic towards those less fortunate than them, will not live a very happy life. Happiness can be found when you practice compassion. Imagine all the people of the world feeling compassionate towards every living being. The world would definitely be a better place.

2. Confidence

The most important trait of a person is their ability to ooze confidence. People who have confidence can face any challenge with open arms and find success in life.
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3. Fighting Fear

The fear you carry will be the reason it comes to life. Dreading the prospect of facing your fears will only make you more likely to give up on your dreams. If you can conquer your fears, nothing will keep you from achieving your goals.
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4. Be Patient

People often end up in conflicting situations because they do not have patience. Patience is a virtue. When you can wait for something, whether it is an opportunity, a gift, or a chance to speak, your time will come. If you keep interrupting people for your time, it won’t work in your favor.

5. Optimistic Outlook

The way pessimists think is that not having any expectations will keep you from disappointment. That is true, but it is a cowardly way of thinking because you’re not ready to face disappointment. As an optimist, even if the outcome is not in your favor, a positive person will always see the silver lining. If you believe in yourself, you may be able to change the results.

6. Improving Body Language

How often do you find yourself slouching and looking unattractive in a picture? It happens very often to some of us. Improving your body language will make you look taller, confident and poised. You should definitely have this as a personal goal.

7. Extroverted

If you’re an introvert, who wants to be more outgoing and frank, setting this as your goal will help you achieve it. Your shyness may be keeping you from exploring your social capabilities, but that’s all right. There is nothing wrong with being shy; it’s, in fact, a charming quality. Keep your originality and be more vocal when mingling with people who inspire you.

8. Strong Willed

A person who gives up easily will find it easy to give up on their dream as well. Whether it’s your part-time job, swimming lessons, or French class, see it through. The going will get tough, but make it your goal to be strongwilled. See how it changes your attitude towards giving up.

9. Getting Along With Different People

Don’t you find yourself always hanging out with your friends, and family, and rarely meeting new and interesting people? If it is so and you want that to change, look for events related to your passion or hobby.

10. Early Bird

‘The early bird catches the worm.’ People who wake up early live more; they literally live a couple more hours in the morning every day of their lives, which I guarantee amounts to a lot when you add it up. Waking up early makes you realize how much you can get done in one day. Don’t keep saying ‘I’ll wake up early tomorrow.’ Set an alarm and get up at the first ring. Have a plan on how you’re going to spend the extra couple of hours and get it done.

11. Be Proactive

Learning to be proactive will help you solve situations and problems even before they arise.
Keep your mind open to possibilities and try to predict possible outcomes before they happen. This way you’re one step ahead and will be able to handle pressurizing situations calmly, and swiftly.

12. Sharing Knowledge

The best way to have personal growth is by sharing your knowledge and skills with those who want to learn. The more you give, the more you get. When you add to other’s joy, you will find your personal goal.

13. Stop Procrastinating

One of the best ways to ensure you grow through your personal goals is by never procrastinating. It’s unrealistic to say never, but the thing with procrastination is the more you do it, the worse it becomes. Stop saying tomorrow, start doing it now! Watch how efficiently your messy life gets organized when you stop procrastinating.

14. Be Understanding

If only people were a little more understanding, the world would have fewer conflicts. When you try to be understanding and empathetic towards the feeling of other people, you realize their point of view. It can be frustrating when you’re understanding, but the other person isn’t, in such cases, you must remember not everyone thinks the same way. Before you started being more understanding, you were probably the same way. So, give people the time to learn.

15. Live in The Present

Setting personal goals is in their own place, but don’t forget to live your life meanwhile. The point of setting personal goals is so that you become the best version of yourself. When you’re working so hard to be better, it becomes meaningless if the bright light of your future vision blinds you. Strive to be better, but live in the present.

16. Manage Stress

Make it your goal to learn to manage stress. When you let stress loose, it can eat away your joy and lead you into depression.
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17. Read More

Read, read, and read. Being a reader will never work against you. Books are magic, and by reading, you witness countless miracles. If you’re not a reader yet, keep reading until you find that one book that inspires you to be an avid reader. Everyone is a reader at heart; you just haven’t found the right book yet.
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18. Break Barriers

‘I can do it!’ Train your mind to think anything is possible. When you fear the prospect of change and challenge, you build walls within yourself; these walls keep you from experiencing all the beautiful things waiting or you. Make it your personal goal to break the walls within you.

19. Live An Inspirational Life

Why are you always looking for other people for inspiration, when you can be an inspiration for others? The only difference between you and them is that they believe in themselves. Believe in yourself and your dreams; get ready to be pleasantly surprised when your dreams become a reality.

20. Healthy Life

You cannot dream of a future when you don’t take care of your health first. The most important thing you need to accomplish your goals is a healthy body and a sound mind. Invest your time and money in having a healthy diet and reading good books.

21. Empathy

When you can think from the perspective of another person, it can broaden your view and make you wiser. People who can have empathy are known to be sensitive towards the feelings of others and can imagine what they’re going through.

Change starts with you, within you. Follow your personal goals with a determined heart. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

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