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8 Useful Steps to Success That Will Guide You Towards Your Dream




Success is that golden apple on top of the tallest tree in the forest. Everyone wants to pluck it, but only the ones who can visualize the apple, plan how to get there and not be afraid of the fall can succeed at it.

The idea of success has become so worshiped that we find it impossible to achieve it unless we were born with a silver spoon. The truth is, being born rich does not guarantee success and being born poor doesn’t mean it’s impossible to succeed in life. Your fate depends on how you choose to spend your time.

As uncertain as results are, one can be sure to pass a test when you study and prepare for it. So, don’t make a list of complaints about how you have it bad. Invest the time you have in your future; if you don’t, there is no doubt what the results are going to be.

Here are some helpful steps to guide you on your way to success. Remember that talent is wasted when you don’t refine and work on it.

8 Steps to Success!

1. Visualize It

Let’s start by determining your goal. What do you wish to become? If you still don’t know what you want to do with your life, think of what makes you happy. You cannot succeed in life when you don’t like the person you are or have become. Know where your priorities lie and finalize your dream.

Once you know what you want to do, visualize yourself reaching towards it and achieving it. Try to see all the details in your head. Where you’re working, what work you are doing, who you are talking to.

When you do this, it helps a lot. Visualizing helps in following the rest of the steps listed below.

2. Plan

The next step is to start planning. How do you intend to achieve your goals? You may not have extensive knowledge of the field you are interested in, so the first thing you should do is research. Try to learn as much as you can about your goal.

If you are confident about all the information you’ve gathered, start making a flexible plan. Get a pen and paper, seeing your ideas in words every day can be a huge motivation. When you’ve envisioned your future, you know what exactly you want, and this makes it easier to plan. Suppose you see yourself being a marine biologist in Fiji who works at an aquarium and rescues animals. Your plan should be structured around the best possible way to achieve that; where you want to study, what you want to specialize in, where you want to intern, where you want to work.

With each plan, you should do thorough background research. Once you’re confident with your plan, there is nothing that can stop you.

3. Make Yourself Commit

So little of the human population belongs to successful people, this is because most of us never see through with our plans. Never back down!

Commitment is a motivation you enforce upon yourself; it’s a binding contract that your present self, has with the future you. Promise yourself you are going to succeed and live each day towards fulfilling that promise. You will face obstacles along the way; your plan isn’t going to be all smooth sailing. Be ready to brave and accept all the downhills on your journey uphill.

Visualizing helps with your commitment because it motivates you to succeed.

4. Mentally Prepare

Brace yourself! Life can throw random challenges at you. It can be physically and mentally draining while trying to keep up with your dreams.

This is an essential step to success because many people gave up on their dreams since they couldn’t keep up with the mental exhaustion. You must know beforehand that it is going to be hard to accomplish your goals. There could be family problems, financial difficulties, fake rumors, vicious people who don’t want to see you succeed. There are unimaginable problems that arise when people see someone making their way forward.

Let go of the strings that ground you in place, explore your abilities and possibilities. Have confidence in yourself and your dreams. Visualizing problems that could come your way is a helpful way of preparing yourself. Consider what kinds of difficulties people of your profession have faced and be ready for them.

5. Make a List

Write it down! It’s one thing to think of your dream and plans, but when you see it in words, the image will remain with you throughout the day.

Make an actual list; write your goal in big letters and list your plans below it. Keep it at a place that is easily visible to you. Start your day by reading through the list and try to do one thing that contributes to your plans. If you don’t organize your ideas for future, the cluttered thoughts inside your head could lead to stress.
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When you visualize your dream and everything that comes with it, it becomes easier to make a useful list. Don’t write a list that isn’t related to your end goal, make sure each item on the list is an important contributing factor to achieving success.

6. Take Action

If you are sure you want to succeed in life and are willing to do everything it takes to reach it, act on your plans. The list you wrote isn’t for decoration.

People who keep dreaming and never wake up will never get to live out their dream. Go through your plans methodically and see what needs to be done. Although plans are made to be followed, don’t fear spontaneous decisions. Having a stroke of luck and being at the right place at the right time could lift you into succession in a short period.

When you go out and work for your dreams, opportunities will come your way. When you do nothing but talk, it can lead people into thinking you’re only ‘talk.’ Show people you mean business and they will help you. When you envision yourself, you will know what you must do to get there.

7. See It Through

Don’t even think of giving up. When people spend much time and energy but receive no results, it can be discouraging. That is why you had time to prepare yourself mentally.

Once you’ve reached this step, it means there is no going back. No one said success comes quick. Even when it looks as though some people achieved it overnight, they have spent a great deal of time to get to that one turning point in their lives. Stop overthinking and finish what you started.

It will take patience and perseverance. Only those who are willing to give it all they have will reach the top. Remember your visualization of yourself living your dream, use that as a motivation to live the life you dream of.

8. Don’t Hesitate

As foolish as this sounds, the prospect of success after spending years working for it can be frightening.

When you finally come close, don’t wait for a push, grab it! When you wait a long time to reach somewhere, it might not be as you expected it to be. Remember all you went through; the times you spent longing to reach where you are.

The idea of Shambhala is so appealing that you wouldn’t even realize it if you already lived there. Because no matter where you are, the grass is always greener on the other side. You may have a fear of being rejected by people of the same profession. Don’t let such thoughts keep you from reaching the place you’ve worked so hard for.

Get ready to live your dream!

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