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Get Your Game Face On With These 25 Inspiring Video Game Quotes



Video games, in general, get a lot of bad rep. Often, people who don’t play them see them as too childish or too violent. But that is an incredibly unfair assessment. Because there is so much more to video games that only gamers get to see. It’s not all about shooting stuff or playing make-believe.

Not at all!

In fact, video games can tell elaborate stories and explore complex ideas just like any novel or film. Of course, there are a significant number of mindless games whose sole purpose is to waste time and make money. But there are also numerous games that challenge our beliefs and explore complex philosophical conundrums – games that change us forever.

That being said, here are a few of the most inspiring and fascinating video game quotes that will give you an entirely new perspective on life.

25 Wise Video Game Quotes That Will Get You Through Life

1. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” – Assassin’s Creed

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." - Assassin's Creed


The school of existentialism believes that life has no inherent purpose. But that is not entirely as terrible as it might sound. Because it also means that it is we who give our own lives a purpose. It is through our individual actions that we give purpose to our lives. We alone dictate the meaning of our existence. An inspiring thought, wouldn’t you say?

2. “Life is all about resolve. Outcome is secondary.” – Waka (Okami)

Our goals might appear too lofty for us to reach. But how can we be sure of that if we do not even strive to achieve them? A strong resolve is the key to success. Never give up without trying!

3. “It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.” – Flemeth (Dragon Age II)

"It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly." - Flemeth (Dragon Age II)

MPdigitalART (DeviantArt)

The most effective way to grow is to push ourselves to the very limit and then push harder. Because we cannot unlock our true potential until we are standing at the very edge of what we believe we are capable of.

4. “You can’t break a man the way you break a dog, or a horse. The harder you beat a man, the taller he stands.” – The Jackal (Far Cry 2)

Think of everything humanity has gone through collectively. We have survived through plagues, wars, famines, and whatever nature has thrown our way. We are each and every one of us incredibly resilient. It is in our nature to stand tall in the face of adversity. Remember this fact and live by it.

5. “Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile.” – Braum (League of Legends)

"Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile." - Braum (League of Legends)

AlvinLee (DeviantArt)

Often, all it takes to brighten up someone’s day is a friendly face. Because no matter what the circumstances, everyone could always use a friend.

6. “You can’t undo what you’ve already done, but you can face up to it.” Frank Coleridge (Silent Hill: Downpour)

We all make mistakes sometimes. We break good things and hurt the people we love. But that doesn’t mean we should let things be. Because what’s broken can be repaired. All we have to do is make up our minds and roll up our sleeves to make things right again.

7. “What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?” – Paarthurnax (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

"What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" - Paarthurnax (TESV: Skyrim)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Nobody is beyond redemption. You might have made terrible mistakes – or even committed heinous crimes in the past. But if you choose to overcome them all and seek to redeem yourself, if you are willing to give everything you have to make things right again, then you are worthy of praise.

8. “A sword wields no strength unless the hands that holds it has courage.” – The Hero’s Shade (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

We might have all the skills we need to achieve our dreams and goals. But if we lack the courage to reach for them, we will never find success. Skills, dreams, drive – none of it matters if you lack the courage to take action!

9. “A man chooses; a slave obeys.” – Andrew Ryan (BioShock)

"A man chooses; a slave obeys." - Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)


Obeying someone else is sometimes the easiest and most comfortable thing to do – especially when following orders without question works for you. But is it worth it? Are you going to be a thought slave just because life’s easier when you don’t ask why? Are you going to be another zombie that staggers about without a single thought of its own? Don’t! You’re a free human being. And no amount of comfort or safety is worth sacrificing your freedom for!

10. “It is more important to master the cards you are holding than to complain about the ones your opponent was dealt.” – Grimsley (Pokemon Black and White)

Let’s face it: life’s not fair. Some people have everything from good looks to enormous inheritances while others have next to nothing. That’s just the way the world is. Now, we can either complain about it and get nothing done or we can grit our teeth and do something to change it. Just because life has dealt you a bad hand doesn’t mean you should let it defeat you. Fight back and do whatever you have to do to show everyone that you aren’t going to let your handicaps keep you from getting what you want!

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11. “Stay awhile and listen.” – Deckard Cain (Diablo II)

"Stay awhile and listen." - Deckard Cain (Diablo)

Kan Liu (ArtStation)

It’s always a good idea to take some time and listen to other people’s opinions. And even if you don’t agree with them, you can still make it a learning experience that will benefit you. They may see the things that you have missed and know something that will help you along the way.

12. “Only a jackass can change the world.” – Auron (Final Fantasy X-2)

Genius and idiot are often two sides of the same coin. Because to do the amazing – to be something no one has ever been before – you have to first work towards what everybody else would believe to be stupid, impossible, or both. That is why remarkable people are so often made fun of; until they succeed that is. So, as Steve Jobs famously put it, “Stay foolish.”

13. “If I am to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all.” – Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)

"If I am to choose between one evil and another, I'd rather not choose at all." - Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)

CD Projekt Red

Sometimes, there are no right choices. No matter what you choose, you cannot avoid hurting someone. You could weigh in the pros and cons of all your choices – and decide to choose the lesser of two evils. But is that really the right choice? Isn’t the lesser of two evils still evil?

The world is unfortunately not black and white. But that should not mean you should compromise on your own morals by choosing the lesser evil over the greater. Because sometimes the best choice you can make is to refuse all choices and walk away.

14. “I don’t need a weapon. My friends are my power!” – Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Few things can compare to having awesome friends at our back. They support us all the way, dissuade us from doing stupid things, and join us if we cannot be dissuaded from our stupid idea. So, cherish the friends you have and be grateful for the company and support of these lovable idiots!

15. “Go home and be a family man!” – Guile (Street Fighter)

"Go home and be a family man!" - Guile (Street Fighter)


You might be doing everything you humanly can for your family. But all your sacrifices mean nothing, if you aren’t there for them. Try and create some time for your family regardless of how busy you are. Because you might not be able to later.

16. “Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost.” – Pandora (God of War 3)

Life can disappoint you. Things can go terribly wrong. But don’t ever let that make you lose hope. Because hope is what fuels dreams – hope is what keeps you moving forward no matter how hard the road might be. And only when you lose all hope are you really defeated. As long as you hold on tight to even the last straw of hope, you cannot be broken by anything or anyone.

17. “From a lowly birth in the Shadeshore ruins, who could ever guess I would fight among Heroes?” – Sven (Dota 2)

"From a lowly birth in the Shadeshore ruins, who could ever guess I would fight among Heroes?" -Sven (DotA 2)


Some of the most famous and iconic people in the world started from nothing. For example, even Jim Carrey was once a struggling comedian struggling for gigs. So, there’s no telling what future has in store for you. Don’t let yourself down because things are bad today. Because success and achievement might just be around the next corner for you!

18. “Every puzzle has an answer.” – Professor Layton (Professor Layton and the Curious Village)

No matter how difficult the problem you face might be, remember that there is always a solution. It might not always be easy or obvious but that doesn’t make it unsolvable. As long as you resolve yourself to not give up, nothing is impossible.

19. “I won’t let fear compromise who I am.” – Commander Shepard (Mass Effect II)

"I won't let fear compromise who I am." - Commander Shepard


Everybody’s afraid of something. Doesn’t matter who you are. But the difference between great people and everybody else is that great people never let fear control their actions. Never act out of fear – and never be unfaithful to yourself because something or someone scares you. Face your fears like the champion you are. Because more often than not, most of your fears are unfounded and vanish immediately when you decide to stand up against them.

20. “No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.” – Lulu (Final Fantasy X)

Even the worst eventually passes. That’s the beauty of life. Everything is ephemeral. So, you might be facing your hardest challenge today. But don’t allow yourself to believe that this is the way it will always be. Maybe you’ll have to apply yourself a little (or a lot) but things will get better. Because they always do.

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21. “A famous explorer said that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.” – Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

"A famous explorer said that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are." - Lara Croft

Rise of the Tomb Raider

You can be the brightest, most amazing person on the inside. But if you don’t show it then it’s pointless. Anyone can pay lip service. But it takes a special strength to act on what you believe and live by it. Remember: it is your actions alone that defines you.

22. “There’s nothing worse than losing without learning your lesson.” – Clark Still (King of Fighters)

We all make mistakes sometimes. But if we do not learn from the mistakes we make, we fail. The wise understand that every blunder is a lesson. And that is why you should never be afraid of your errors. Accept them for what they are and make sure you never repeat them by learning from them.

23. “Peace is the noblest aspiration. But to preserve it, you must be willing to fight.” – Varian Wrynn (World of Warcraft)

"Peace is the noblest aspiration. But to preserve it, you must be willing to fight." - Varian Wrynn

Xingxing Zhou (ArtStation)

It may sound like an oxymoron but it really isn’t.

Peace is something we all yearn for. But to attain it, we often have to fight those who would deny us peace. Then again, that makes no sense. Because using violence to stop violence makes very little sense. But the word ‘fight’ does not necessarily have to mean ‘violence’.

Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. both fought for peace – and they did it by adopting an attitude of non-violence against their oppressors. So, it is entirely possible for us to do the same. We do not need to use violence against those who thirst for it. All we really have to do is stand united and firm against it.

24. “To die is to drown – so I will swim well, till I can swim no more.” – Illaoi (LoL)

Human life is fleeting. We are all of us destined to die someday. Which is why we should make sure we spend the little time we have on this earth truly living. Experience and enjoy what life has to offer. And do not let petty things bother you or get you down. You only live once so you might as well make the most out of it.

25. “There’s only so much one person can do.” – Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)

"There is only so much one person can do." - Sheva Alomar

Resident Evil 5

No human being is an island. No matter how independent we might be, we will sometimes need the aid of others. But that does not make us weak. In fact, it is what makes humanity as a whole powerful, even in the face of overwhelming odds. So, don’t be hesitant to rely on others (be it friends or family or even the occasional stranger) from time to time. There’s no shame in that. Just remember to return the courtesy when they need you.

Video games aren’t just a fun way to entertain ourselves. Studies have also shown them to improve cognition, help cope with negative emotions like depression, boost creativity, and act as a social platform. And the stories they tell can provide us with a lot of insight and give us wisdom and some much needed inspiration.

So, grab a video game and let your inner gamer out. Because, as one anonymous gamer put it, “Being a gamer doesn’t mean you don’t have a life. It just means you choose to have many.”

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