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14 Best Walter Mitty Quotes To Inspire You To Live A Fuller Life




The Secret Life of Water Mitty tells the story of an everyday American worker who is a photo developer for ‘Life’ magazine. Walter, played by Ben Stiller who also directed and produced the movie, is someone who has never done anything noteworthy in his life. He considers himself to be a boring person. His one favorite activity to escape his dull life is day-dreaming. His extreme level of day-dreaming leads him to zone out from life constantly.

When the magazine is set for its final issue, Walter realizes the photo negative for the cover of the magazine is missing. Its photographer is across the globe. What must Walter do to find the picture?

This movie is the perfect encouragement we need to break free from our fears and embrace courage. Thousands of us feel the same way Walter does. The difference? He makes a huge leap and lands on the other side as a changed man.  This list collects 15 of the best quotes from ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’ to inspire you to make better changes.

1.“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” – Walter Mitty

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A set of beautifully put words. We often find ourselves wondering what life is and end up short of words.

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2.“Number 25 is my best ever, the quintessence of life, I think. I trust you’ll get it where it needs to go, you always do.” – Sean O’Connell

3.“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” – Sean O’Connell

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True beauty shines through; it does not scream at you, it attracts you. It is the same with life. Beautiful places and things appeal to you, they beckon you to come see the world at its most natural.

4.“I pictured you as this little gray piece of paper, but now I see you and it’s like Indiana Jones decided to become the lead singer of The Strokes or something.” Todd Maher

When you do the things you’ve always wanted to, incredible things start to happen. When Walter first began living his dream, he was a suffocated person who had a crush on a woman in the office but never found the courage to talk to her. By the end, he discovers himself through the revealing journey he takes.

5.“I just live by the ABCs: Adventurous, Brave, Creative.” – Walter Mitty


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Life can be so much more if you let it. Don’t restrict yourself; the fence you built for your protection is also keeping you from all the splendors of life. Live more, don’t wonder where life went, wonder where the time went.

6.Todd Maher: “How was the… daydreaming going?”
Walter Mitty: “Lately less.”
Todd Maher: “Good. Less is good.”

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was adapted from the short story of the same name by James Thurber. The character Walter Mitty has become iconic for his daydreaming and vivid fantasy life.

7.“I haven’t really been anywhere noteworthy or mentionable.” -Walter Mitty

Complaining about how miserable your life is, won’t make it better. Envying other people’s exciting lives won’t get you anywhere. It’s up to you to make that decision for yourself. Do you want to be an audience, or do you want to be on the field playing?

8.“Life is about courage and going into the unknown.”- Cheryl

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We’ve often read such words to look for inspiration. But, it’s on us whether we listen to them or choose to forget after reading them. Believe in yourself and have confidence, you’ll be amazed at the wonders they can work.

9.“And I get it. You got your marching orders… and you have to do what you have to do. But you don’t have to be such a dick. Put that on a plaque, and hang it at your next job.” – Walter Mitty

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The sad truth of life is that the world is full of shitty people. There are some who just know how to make your day worse. The world would be a better place if only they would understand how it feels to be on the receiving end.

10.“Where are you now?” – Todd Maher
“Himalayas. I’ve got to keep this short. I have to make oxygen choices.” – Walter Mitty

Life is full of choices. Walter’s decisions helped him in discovering his potentials.
Let your journey have spectacular scenery passing by, instead of the same old routine.

11.“Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.” – Sean Connell
“Stay in it?” – Walter Mitty
“Yeah. Right there. Right here.”

Newline Cinema

One of the most beautifully chilling moments in the movie. When Walter finally traces the footsteps of Sean and meets him up in the Himalayas, the dialog they share will leave goose-prickles all over.

Sometimes you go around the world to look for something and discover that the thing you were looking for was right where you started. It’s the journey that molds you, not the destination.

12.“I wanted to tell you, that song “Major Tom” and that beard guy… he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That song is about courage and going into the unknown. It’s a cool song.” -Cheryl

13.“Lately, I have been wondering if there is time left for daydreaming in this 21st-century world of constant communication.” – James Thurber

Newline Cinema

14.Walter: “What was the picture?”
Sean: “Let’s just call it a ghost cat, Walter Mitty.”

Walter decided to take things into his own hands and went to look for the negative 25 across the ocean. Sean calls the picture the ‘quintessence of life’. This picture carries such a huge responsibility and the revelation of the cover photo at the end does not disappoint.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an underrated movie that deserves more recognition. Everyone who’s seen the movie will agree with the statement. It’s not your average Hollywood movie; it’s so much more than that. This film showcases how important it is to come out of your shell and experience the real world. Wonderful things can happen if you step outside, they aren’t likely to occur inside your room, now are they?

Here are some Youtube comments about the movie:

“I just arrived back home to Scotland after travelling backpacking around the world for the past 2.5 years! This film was one of the main reasons why I done it, great film & song!” – Angus Liston

“some movies are worth having for yourself, this is 1 of them. My family and I (kids 15 & 12) gather to see it every 6 months or so, everytime there is a new joyful lesson to learn. Can`t wait to hit the road again.” – Roberto Gomes

If inspirational movies make you feel better and motivate you to do your best, I’m sure this list of inspirational movies will help you too.

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