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10 Most Effective Ways To Deal With Stress




Stress can take a hard toll on the mental and physical aspect of a person. When one copes with too much stress, it can become a significant problem. It can result in sleep deprivation, hair fall, weight loss, and other such difficulties. Having anxiety can seem like an unimportant issue because it cannot be seen, but it can have lasting effects.

As stress originates from our mentality, it can also be handled with a strong mindset. One cannot prevent stress, but we can choose to deal with it in the best way possible.
With these points as guides, learn how to take control of your stress.

10 Ways to Deal With Stress!

1. Get Adequate Sleep

The first thing you need to do is rest. You may have a pile of work left to do, assignments to finish, projects to complete, but make time for sleep. You need to give yourself at the least six hours of sleep at night. Don’t leave your work for the last minute. Divide the work-load so that you don’t end up having to stay up the whole night trying to finish it.

When you don’t get enough sleep, it can cause stress. Relax your body before going to bed at night; listen to soothing music if random thoughts keep you up. Overthinking before bed can result in loss of sleep. So, try to focus on your breathing or the music.

2. Avoid Caffeine

Consumption of caffeine will only increase your stress. You may be used to drinking coffee early in the morning; what you can do is slowly cut down. Opt for less caffeinated drinks, and gradually cut down on caffeine. Healthier choices of drinks are herbal teas, fruit juices, and plain water.

Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine as much as possible. Change to a healthier diet. Stress can lead to deprivation of health; and that in turn can cause more stress. The cycle will continue for as long as you decide to take actions against it. Your body is not a machine that can be fixed; you cannot change into a new body. Take proper care now! Your health should be your priority.

3. Exercise

Even fifteen minutes of exercise every morning can help bring a positive change. Take the initiative to wake up earlier and fit in a routine for physical health. You can choose to do anything from yoga to meditation; it does not matter. As long as you choose something that gives your mind and body some exercise, it will be helpful.

Stress can grow when you stay cooped up in one position for a long time. Don’t live with the dark cloud of stress above your head. Take some time to breathe the fresh morning air while jogging or walking the dog.

4. Talk to Someone

Sharing your worries with someone you can talk to will help reduce your stress greatly. Don’t keep all your worries and tension to yourself. If you’re not comfortable sharing your problems, you can talk about general things. Having a conversation with someone will be a welcome distraction.

Usually, when people stress, they keep it to themselves, this not only creates a problem for you, but it also becomes a difficulty for your loved ones. How would you feel if someone you loved was going through a rough time but didn’t share it with you? Be considerate about those around you and don’t carry all the burden on your shoulders.

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5. Time-Management

If you trace your stress back to its origin, you’ll find out most of it is caused due to bad time management. You might have too many things to do and not enough time to do them. You must accept the fact that you cannot do all of them, at least not at once. Plan out how you can complete your work within a specific time.

The other thing is don’t bring your work back home. When you start thinking about work 24 hours, it begins to build up and pressurize you. Make sure you finish your job and go home with a free and relaxed mind. Spending quality time with your family will also help in reducing stress.

6. It’s Okay to Say ‘No’

Saying ‘yes’ to more than you can handle is a common cause of stress. When you bite off more than you can chew, it’s bound to become stressful. It is completely okay to say ‘No.’ You cannot agree to do everything with everyone. You need to take some time off for yourself.

The next time someone asks something from you when you’re already busy or tired, say ‘No.’ Saying no can sometimes be difficult for some people because they think they are being offensive or rude. You already have your priorities and responsibilities, don’t add extra tension to your full plate.

7. Rest When You Are Sick

The best thing to do when you’re sick is to take rest and recover. Being stubborn and working will not win you merit points. Instead, you might feel worse and have to take a longer leave from work or school. Be practical; there is no harm in taking a day or two’s leave when you’re ill.

Stress can also stem from working when you are not feeling well. When you are unwell, there is no shame in asking for leave. Everyone falls sick once in a while, take the proper medication and rest. Also, don’t think of work when you’re on your sick-leave.

8. Keep Your Problems in Perspective

The key to reducing stress is keeping a broad view on your problems. Don’t jump to the worst conclusion when facing a dilemma. Take a deep breath and have a detached perspective, there is usually a solution right under your nose.

People who stress easily seem to think pessimistically. When you already see a terrible ending, it’s natural you’ll be worried throughout the story. Have a positive outlook on every situation and worry about problems when they arise. Solve them as you go, don’t push all the issues forward and try to tackle them all at once.

9. Balance Your Social Life and Alone Time

People with stress tend to either surround themselves with people and attend multiple events or become completely reclusive. Neither is the solution. What you need is a good balance between them both.

It is equally important to take some time off for yourself as it is to make time for others. Find a balance and manage time for both. Indulge in reading a fiction book or watching romantic comedies if you feel like it. Include your friends in your plan. Do things for yourself too.

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10. Have an Optimistic Outlook

People usually think-up their problems and create stress for themselves. Half of the things you stress about aren’t even going to happen. Your insecurity plays a prominent role in visualizing all the things that could go wrong.

Try to have a healthy and positive mentality. You can always learn something useful from your challenges. If you only focus on the dark side of the clouds, you won’t notice the silver linings.

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Stressing is not necessarily a bad thing if you can control its power over you. However, only people with strong mentality can use stress to their benefit. The best thing is to take a step back and look at how you are approaching the problem. If this doesn’t work, try hanging out with your friends and having a good laugh about old things. Remove yourself from your stress and relax, unplug yourself. Meditate, exercise, dance; there are so many things you can do if you only choose to do so. Make the correct choice for yourself.

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