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19 Smart Work Goals That Will Put You On The Fast Track To Success



Setting goals for yourself in the workplace is an important ingredient for success. Sure, you could just do what is needed of you and get by. But by doing that you are basically shutting yourself out from successful career growth. And that isn’t good for you!

The idea behind setting up goals for yourself is to always keep yourself looking forward. When you set yourself up with objectives, you increase your own efficiency and productivity – which in turn helps the organization you are working for. You open yourself to recognition and advancement – creating great opportunities for career growth.

Here are a few goals that you should incorporate into your professional life to get yourself closer to success and achievement in your career.

19 Work Goals That All Successful People Embrace

1. Strive to be more confident.

Strive to be more confident.

Confidence is an integral part of attaining success. So, if there is one goal you should strive for, it should be to become more confident. Unlike most other skills and traits, self-confidence is a state of mind. It is an attitude that stems from acceptance of your self and recognition of your own strengths and weaknesses. And the best part is it can be learned!

2. Develop Adaptability.

Change is a constant occurrence in thriving work environments, especially in the modern day. Thus, it is an absolute necessity for you to be adaptable if you want to remain relevant. Do not be set in your old ways. What we believe to be ‘right’ might become ‘wrong’ tomorrow. And if we stubbornly remain set in our old ways instead of adapting to these changes, we will only end up missing a ridiculous amount of opportunities for expansion and professional growth.

3. Toughen up.

The working world is full of challenges. Overcoming them can feel like an impossible task. And sometimes, even when we do everything right, everything goes wrong. Which is why, you need to make it your mission to get tougher than you already are.

Sharpen your mind, thicken your skin to criticism and hate, and never let any challenge make you lose your composure. And never allow yourself to feel helpless. Toughness and persistence in the face of adversity is what makes great people successful.

4. Get along with your team.

Success can only be achieved when your peers are happy to (or at least willing to) work with you. Make it a point to be the force that promotes positivity in the workplace. Understand the team’s structure and their individual roles to develop positive interrelationships. Greet your fellow employees with a smile, congratulate them on their achievements, and be willing to help them when they need it. In return, you will be able to utilize all their strengths effectively and they too will have your back when you need it.

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5. Manage your stress.

Manage Your Stress.

Everyday Health

Stress is a natural part of any professional setting. In all honesty, no human being can avoid getting stressed from time to time. But if you let stress weigh you down, it can not only negatively impact your work performance but it can also have severe effects on your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is essential for you to start learning how to effectively deal with the stress in your life before it breaks you down!

6. Know when to rest.

Good ideas won’t come to you when you are burned out. So, it is wise to give yourself some time off occasionally, even if it feels like you don’t need it. Your body and mind loses effectiveness if it is overworked. And brute-forcing yourself beyond what’s reasonable is incredibly counterproductive. Allow yourself to refresh and restart. Knowing when to rest is not only vital to your health, it also boosts your efficiency by a significant margin.

7. Stay on top of your health.

Stay on top of your health.

Three Bakers

Poor health yields poor results. It’s just that simple. Of course, you should push yourself to try and achieve goals. But when you jeopardize your health for the sake of achievement, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. So, take care of your health. Because nothing is more important to you than your own health.

8. Expand your network.

Reach out to other people because developing new relationships helps pave the way forward in any career. Connections are vital to success because there is no such thing as a useless person. Remember: you don’t have to be a Machiavellian manipulator to reap benefits from a large professional network.

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9. Develop an online presence.

Develop an online presence.

Business Insider

Start whipping your smartphones or your laptops out and get fresh on the social media scene!

In the Information Age, the social media is a powerful tool you can use to put yourself out in the world. It exposes you or your brand to a staggering number of people. And with exposure comes a great many opportunities you can capitalize on for success.

Take the Ice Bucket Challenge for example – which, by properly utilizing social media, managed to raise $115 Million for ALS Association, a non-profit organization, and is still funding breakthroughs to combat Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

There is no reason why you too can’t advance your career or cause by taking up the social media into your arms. With amazing benefits like free exposure and publicity, there is really no reason for you to shy away from it!

10. Develop empathy.

Not being able to manage emotions spells failure in any career. Whether it is your own or of the people around you, understanding and managing emotions is an important trait – particularly if you are the leader. Because no matter what career you are in, you will always need other people to move forward. But when you are lacking in emotional intelligence, your people skills suffer greatly.

The idea of the aloof, apathetic, and eccentric genius may appear cool but it never works in a work environment. Because, contrary to the belief perpetuated by movies, it is one of the most counterproductive things you can be in the workplace.

11. Learn how to deal with conflicts.

Learn how to manage conflict.

Black Berry

It is impossible to be productive in a hostile environment. Petty arguments, grudges, and unhealthy rivalries can tear even the most successful organizations apart from within. So, it is in your best interest to brush up on your conflict management skills.

Be mindful of how you handle your conflicts. Developing a proactive and assertive approach to conflict management is the key to success. Learn to de-escalate issues with tact. And if the need for confrontation arises, be tactful but assertive in your methods. Because both overt aggression and extreme pacifism are terrible for conflict resolution.

12. Manage your time effectively.

Start thinking of time as a resource. When you do not manage it effectively, you are wasting something incredibly valuable to you. Catch yourself whenever you find yourself slacking off or procrastinating. And learn to focus on the task at hand to increase productivity in the workplace.

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13. Get and give feedback.

Get and Give Feedback.

Pathfinder Strategies

An impressive feedback loop is essential for growth in any professional setting. Learn to share your ideas with others. Control groups as well as your peers can provide valuable input on your ideas as well as your modus-operandi. Because often only other people can see the flaws of a plan we created. In return, do not hesitate to provide honest feedback to others. The transfer of knowledge is essential for creating an environment with potential for achievement and success.

14. Visualize your goals.

Knowing what lies beyond the finish line is a very smart habit to incorporate in your planning. Imagine what achieving something will result in. Not only can it help boost your morale and drive, it will also help you filter out unnecessary goals you have set up for yourself. Save yourself from wasting your effort on something that offers very little in return.

15. Learn appropriate skills to help you get ahead.

Learn the neccessary skills to get ahead.

sonofdirk (DeviantArt)

Getting Urban Tango classes might seem like a fun idea but is it really going to help you get promoted?

Of course, you should never stop yourself from learning something new. But it is best to prioritize what you learn so you can reap the most benefits from what you learn. Gain knowledge on what will actually help you first before you allocate time to recreational learning.

16. Look towards your role-models.

A popular technique employed by artists is that of imitatio or imitation. The simplified idea behind it is that only by closely imitating greater artists that came before them can artists become better at their craft. And this artistic device works in other professional settings as well.

Learn from your role-models or people who have succeeded in your field of work. You do not have to (and should never!) become a clone of them but it is a very good idea to hold them up as an example to yourself. One of the things you should start doing is imagine what your role model would do in your situation. Because putting things in that perspective can often help you make major breakthroughs in your work.

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17. Plan long-term.

Plan Long Term.

Go Banking Rates

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It is one of the most cliched interview questions ever but it is asked for good reason. A well planned idea about the future speaks volumes on your ability to strategize as well as your drive. It also provides much needed motive and push when you pursue your career. Always keep your goals and future in mind. Although it is never a good idea to worry too much about the future, it is vital to plan for it.

18. Get outside your comfort zone.

If you find your work to be too comfortable, you are probably doing it wrong. Comfort breeds stagnancy and weakness. It kills your drive and erases all your chances for growth.

Indeed, we should all try to find work that makes us happy. but we must also remember that comfort and happiness are two different things. Only by facing challenges and our fears can we continue to improve ourselves and get much closer to that sweet success we all yearn for.

19. Never give up.

Never Give Up.

V for Vendetta

Giving up can often feel like the only option you have. And it is often an easy wayout. But when you give up, you throw away all possibility of succeeding – you turn your back on all the things you can be and achieve.

Don’t give up! Fight back against these negative thoughts and self-doubts. Success may be uncertain but failure is a certainty if you give up. Remember: only those who struggle despite the odds against them ever come out on top!

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Setting up work goals for yourself is a never-ending process. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how far you’ve come – there will always be room for growth. And only by keeping yourself open to improvement can you make major strides towards fastracking your career progression.

As always, best of luck!

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